Young Adult Ministry


As a young adult, we are bombarded with seasons of life changes: moving away from home, college, career choices, marriage, kids, etc. It can feel overwhelming and leave us feeling lost and alone, spiraling for clarity. When we look at the culture around us—we feel that it’s missing true connection and biblical truth. We are people hungry for community and belonging, longing to be known and know others, and desiring relationships that are real, authentic, and grounded in the truth of the Bible. And that’s what we hope you will find by joining us whether you are an avid church attender or it’s been 10 years since you stepped inside a church. We want to welcome you home.


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Frequently Asked Questions
What’s the age ranges?
Senior in high school – late 30s. But really any age is welcome from any stage of life.

How often do you meet?
Every third Sunday of the month we will host a home-cooked dinner and present a topic for discussion. We aren’t a debate group and aren’t about trying to prove one another wrong. We encourage differing opinions as we help navigate topics and think of issues differently. The night will begin at 5pm and end around 7pm. 

Once a month we also plan to host a game/hang-out night. These nights will vary throughout the month and will look like campfires, board games, coffee and desserts, or whatever we decide for that month. These nights have no real “agenda” or “topic” except to enjoy one another’s company more. These night will begin closer to 6pm and end around 9pm.

Is there childcare provided?
Childcare will not be provided for these nights. However, we value your company and think fellowship is important, so Financial Assistance is available. Please fill out this form here. On occasion the nights will be more child-friendly and we will let you know that in advance.

Can anyone come?
Absolutely! Whether you attend another church or haven’t been in a while, we want to get to know you!

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