Senior Adults Ministry

What's a Senior Adult's Ministry?

The purpose of the Senior Adult’s Ministry is to address the unique season and needs of the seniors in the church; to equip and prepare people for this season both naturally and spiritually; to help serve the needs that arise in this season; and to provide opportunities for fellowship and serving.


So Who's a "Senior Adult"?

  • If you think you’re a “Senior Citizen”, then you probably are
  • If you’re retired or considering retirement, then you probably are
  • If life includes Social Security, Medicare, personal health changes and a lifestyle that’s increasingly different than “mid-life”, then you probably are
  • If some of those things are true and you’re over 60, then you probably are

Monday Bible Study

The seniors of the church currently meet each Monday at 2pm at various locations around the Northshore. If you are interested in finding out more about our Seniors Ministry and Bible Study at CCC, contact Stu Masson

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