The Goal for 2017 and Beyond

Notes: The Goal for 2017 and Beyond

The Goal for 2017 and Beyond

Philippians 3:7-14

Introduction: New Year’s Resolutions

Only 8% of people who make resolutions follow through with them.

Resolutions teach us two important things about people:

  • People are in touch with their basic need to change for the better
  • Without the right motivation for change we will become discouraged and give up

Why are you a Christian? What’s the point of your salvation?

The goals we set in our Christian lives are to further our experience of joy.

1. The Goal of Change

  • Self-improvement or Self-emptying
  • Knowledge

2. Pressing On

John 17

Knowledge –> Love –> Joy

When Two Equals One

The Goal and the Prize

Conclusion: practical steps to press on

  • Commune with God
  • Sacrifice
  • Treasure Christ