Standing as Lights in Darkness

Notes: Standing As Lights In Darkness

Daniel 11

Intro:  stuck in the weeds

The chapter before us today once again gives us a picture of the supremacy of God who governs the rulers of the world surrounding his people while giving instruction for his people on how to live as lights in the midst of darkness as they seek an eternal land.

1. Sovereign over Details (v.1-20)

Standing to confirm and strengthen

Colossians 3:1

Acts 7:56

Details Fulfilled

  • Fourth shall be richer than all of them (v.2) – Xerxes (Ahasuerus) – husband of Esther
  • Then a mighty king (v.3) – Alexander the Great
  • Kingdom plucked up and go to others (v.4) – Greece divided into 4 kingdoms
  • The king of the south (v.5) – Ptolemy in Egypt
  • An alliance, the daughter of the south given to the king of the north (v.6) – Berenice
  • Not retain strength of her arm (v.6)
  • A branch from her roots (v.7) – Berenice’s brother Ptolemy III attacks the north and wins
  • Back and forth attacks (v.10-13) – between Antiochus III and Ptolemy III & V
  • King of the north (v.14-20) – Antiochus III (Antiochus the Great)
    • Begins attack on the glorious land, with destruction in his hand
    • Terms of an agreement/daughter of women to destroy – Antiochus’ daughter Cleopatra (the first not the famous ruler of Egypt). Cleopatra loved her husband (Ptolemy V) and Egypt so she didn’t bring the south into her father’s hands
    • Commander – Roman commander defeats Antiochus at the Mediterranean Sea and Antiochus now has to pay tribute
    • On one of his excursions to raid temples to pay the tribute, he was assassinated and died

This summary gives us a profound perspective on history. On one level, it is the continual story of wars and rumors of wars, as one human ruler and empire after another seeks to gain power by cunning or force. Yet though the tide of affairs of men comes in and goes out, in the end it accomplishes precisely nothing. The balance of power in earthly politics may shift but it never comes to a permanent rest. On the one hand, therefore, Daniel 11 shows us that fallen world pursuing the wind and finding it elusive. What do power and politics gain for all their toil? All this, as the writer of Ecclesiastes noted, is vanity.’
Iain Duguid, Daniel


2. Sovereign over Desolations (v.21-35)

Contemptible Person

Characteristics of Desolation

  • Flatteries (v.21)
  • Deceitfulness (v.23)
  • Sharing the bounty (v.24)
  • Attack on holy covenant (v.28)
  • Seduction (v.32)

Embarrassment in the Circle of Decision

Standing in the Desolation

  • Knowledge of God
  • Wisdom during persecution
  • Stumbling for refining

Shining in Desolation

Daniel 12:3 – ‘wise shall shine like the brightness above…like stars forever and ever’


3. Standing as Lights in Darkness (v.36-45)

Characteristics of future darkness

  • Do as he wills (v.36)
  • Speaking astonishing things against the God of gods (v.36)
  • Self-exaltation (v.37)
  • Honor the god of fortresses (v.38) – self-might
  • Twisted honor (v.39)
  • Attention paid to glorious land (v.41)
  • Ruler of treasuries (v.43)
  • Pitch his palatial tents between sea and holy mountain (v.45) – valley of Megiddo

Standing as lights

  • Know God
  • Walk in wisdom
  • Refined to shine

Conclusion: we stand because Jesus’ stands for us