How God Helps Us Stand Firm in the Day of Opposition

Guest Speaker: Allan Dicharry

Notes: How God Helps Us Stand Firm In The Day Of Opposition

MAIN POINT: Confidence in God’s work in your life will help you stand firm in the day of opposition.

  1. Remember Your Inheritance (v. 32-24)

A.W. Pink: “It is by weaning us from the things of earth that he fits us for setting our affections on things above. It is by drying up creature-streams of satisfaction that he makes his children thirst for the Fountain of living water.”

  1. Don’t Throw Away Your Confidence (v. 35-38)

Hab. 2:1-5

When God delays, it never means that he fails to keep his promise.

Matt Perman: “Knowing where we are headed gives us the confidence and the direction to live as we ought to live. That vision helps us see that our purpose here is not to abandon the practical affairs of life and only seek to ‘save souls,’ nor is it to ignore spiritual realities and live as though only this life matters. Rather, it is to live in this world from the perspective of the next.”

Heb. 11:6 “without faith it is impossible to please God.”

  1. Recognize Who You Are (v. 39)

Heb. 10:39 “we are NOT of those who shrink back.”

“not of the world, but sent into the world” (David Mathis)


Eric Metaxas said that Bonheoffer preached to the church that “God had given them the power as his church to be a prophetic voice in the midst of the world, and they must take up their God-given authority and behave like the church that, by the power of the Holy Spirit, was God’s answer to the problems of the world.”